Wednesday, June 13, 2007


My day sucked. That about sums it up. But not as bad as these folks, who, over the weekend, were stuck upside down on a roller-coaster

I was late to work this morning. We worship at 8:45am on most days of the week, including today. I got to the church this morning at 9:05am. Here's why...

I got in my car this morning only to realize that my car desperately needed gas. I subsequently realize that I had left my credit card at the church in Waco. Being without any money for gas, I ask my sister to lend me some. She is gracious and obliges.

So I pump some gas and head to the church. But then I got stuck behind a trailer carrying cows going 20 miles under the speed limit, a trailer so big I could not pass it.

I finally make it into Waco and must stop in a line with a bunch of other cars while a tree trimming crew blocked traffic. I am thinking, OK now I'm going to be late.

But then about 3 blocks from the church I look in my rearview mirror and see a police cruiser with its lights on. That right. The police. I turning down my Hillsong CD, which in blasting in my radio and pull over. Long story short... they did not in fact intend to pull me over at all, but someone in front of me. You'd think they'd think that one through before turning on the lights and siren right behind me... just a thought.

So, I finally make it to the Church... 22 minutes after we were to start.

Rough morning.


tony said...


Miss Ginger said...

Aww, well it all turned out okay in the end, right?

And yeah, the roller-coster folks had it worse. =)

Anonymous said...

Give me a call if you didn't get my e-amil.

Mikey A.

tony said...

dude your amazing and i look forward to seeing the rest of that movie, i bet she was a spy!