Friday, February 16, 2007


"Isn't that right, Jonathan?" he asked me.

"Is what right?" I inquired.

"That girls to go Jupiter to get more stupider!" he began to chant.

"Girls aren't stupid." I said. "I know plenty of girls who are a whole lot smarter than me."

"Really?!! Who?!!! Name one!!!!" he demanded.

I proceeded to explain about the many women I love and care for, who are all in fact smarter than me. If men are actually supposed to be smarter than women, as many boys are conditioned to think, then why haven't us guys been able to figure yall ladies out. All those times we're in trouble and don't know why.... exactly: men are not smarter than women.

I also explained that, "more stupider," is not grammatically correct, and if one wishes to label someone else as being, "more stupid," then he should at least show intelligence in doing so.

Tonight was Kids Night Out again. And yes, ladies, I stood up for you.


the baker said...

ha!!! i hate kno...its like the perfect way to practive abstinance! cool car dude...and :-P to your comment about the chic magnet...chic's are just happy you can drive them around so they dont have to drive!

Attempting To Follow The Way said...

Please tell me this was not Monster (Zac) or Alexander the Great (Alex)who said such sexist things. I don't know where they would get that from...