Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I was Sam Walton today. We had a round on debates in by debate class in which we had to be a person in history. I was Sam Walton - the founder of Wal*Mart.

Now, I figured that I could offer a fairly descent defense of Mr. Walton, being as I'm not a fan of Wal*Mart in the first place and I could anticipate many objections and allegations against my alter ego.

But alas, I come to find out from my debate audience that many people don't like Wal*Mart. In fact many in the university see Mr. Walton as the beginning of the oppression of corporate America. I just find it ironic that everyone still shops there. Now I don't like Wal*Mart either, but not necessarily for these reasons. But I also rarely shop there. Target is much closer to my house, the people are much nicer there, and the store smells better.

But if you have 'moral' objections to Wal*Mart, then you really shouldn't be doing business with them - at least that's how I see it. Just a rant on a Tuesday evening.

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you know who said...

when i was working in the bakery there was this lady that i worked with who ran a country club for the longest time until she was let go or the country club closed. she said one day "some guy is going to come hes going to have an old beat up car, his clothes will be torn, he will not be shaved...look like a bum" and so this guy came in even had a hole in his shoe where you can see his toe. after he had a conversation with this worker of mine and the laughing and chats went away he leaves, and she turns around after he walks out the door and says "that sam walton's grandson has it all but doesnt show it"