Saturday, August 04, 2007


My parents names are David and Hope.

And today, they have been married for 29 years.

They knew each other growing up, but my mom laughed at my dad when she first found out he liked her. They were married shortly thereafter, well not too shorty. My dad had to do some convincing. Shortly after being married, they moved so my dad could begin higher education in Biblical Studies in Dallas, TX. My sister and I were both born in those Dallas years.

We moved back to our hometown of Palacios, TX shortly thereafter because they wanted us to have a good education in a smaller school district. They've lived unselfishly in so many ways, often putting their needs behind those of others they love.

And 29 years later, they are still together. Happy.

29 years later, they still love one another. You don't live with someone for 29 years and not change because of it. They compliment each other perfectly - in thought and in action.

29 years later.

What an amazing example.

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