Thursday, March 08, 2007


"Here are forty thousand men gathered together on this plain. What are they going to do? See, there are thirty or forty thousand more at a little distance. And these are going to shoot them through the head or body, to stab them, or split their skulls, and send most of their souls into everlasting fire, as fast as they possibly can. Why so? What harm have they done to them? O none at all! They do not so much as know them. But at man, who is King of France, has a quarrel with another man, who is King of England. So these Frenchmen are to kill as many of these Englishmen as they can, to prove the King of France is in the right. Now, what an argument is this! What a method of proof! What an amazing way of deciding controversies!"
-John Wesley


Chris said...

and on that note, wondering what you think of this

tony said...

hey, i thought about you today, sorry I forgot to call you back yesturday, I was taking a greek test when you called *eek* :-/ anyhoo im reading a commentary on acts, and I came across a name of Talbert...first initials C.H. is this the Dr. Talbert hero to Jonathan? :-)

cruz-control said...

C. H. Talbert??!! Heck yes it is!!! Is that his Reading Acts commentary by Crossroad/Smyth & Helwys?

Yes, he's a beast and a half. Of course, when you study the Bible for 80 someodd years, you'll be beastly too.

I think the middle initial "H" stands for Hoss!!! lol