Saturday, March 03, 2007


I saw a program my TiVo recorded yesterday about the end of the world. The History Channel showed this episode about many different fortune-tellers and 'prohesyers' throughout history who claim that the world will end on December 21 (Winter Solstice) 2012.

Among those are the Mayans who constructed one of the most elaborate calendars in ancient history. The show was very sensational; it wanted to scare its audience. And I must admit I was getting a bit spooked, until they brought in the Bible - and the book of Revelation.

Now, I won't get into the details and my whole beef with their fallacious interpretation of the last book in the Bible, but I will say that all credibility for the show was lost in a moment.

So, this got me thinking... why are we so fascinated with the future?... when, I believe, that we don't want to know it anyway? I've learned some pretty tough lessons the past month or so - about life, love and purpose. And I believe that when we seek to know the future, we confuse the purpose of our life with the actions and events in our lives.

I believe that I live to bring glory to God - through my love for people and my life for Him. This is all the 'future' that I need to know and be aware of - that no matter what happens the purpose of my life does not change.

Because I know the purpose of my life, there is no need to seek out future events. If I did want to know future events in my life, it would be because I am awaiting them - to then my life could have purpose and meaning. But since I have found that purpose - events do not matter.

Death is only another event in my life - it does not give me purpose, except that, I pray, in some way it will bring glory to God. Therefore, I have no desire to know the time of my death or even the End of Days. They are only events, and should not serve to provide us with a purpose for life.


tony said...

hey i heard the same thing about the december 2012 thing from my freshman year in high school from my geology professor. Umm so i been doing research of Old Testament apocalyptic literature and its really neat. its like they werent focusing on the future which is really neat...theres soo much more, and it all came from the exile!

cruz-control said...

'prophecy' very, very, very, very, very has anything to do with the future. when it does refer to the future it's very vague or conditional. it is never a blueprint.

i wish people who claim to interpret the scriptures would finally get that message.

cruz-control said...

very rarely, that is.

the baker said...

a lot of has to do with the present situation that the people were facing...remember when we had kennedy and the whole thing with isaiah and trito isaiah would speak of God coming as their King, but could not say He was King because of their situation...there is soo much imagry in the writings its amazing! dude...we need to take classes when you get here! i promise not to scare you with caterpillars :-) oh yeah i saw steven at HEB the other day...we gotta get our youth group together and do something...he said "call cruz...wait he doesnt answer his phone call marc" the funny thing was i said the same thing as he was saying it! i love you man!

Hank Hill said...

oh yeah i forgot, today in sunday school I showed an excerpt from King of the Hill at the beginning as something to lead into the pastors wife was like huh? and the girl was like i guess so, and the guy was like haha thats funny!