Thursday, October 26, 2006



OK, so I'm working on the redesign of the church website. Right now it kinda sucks. I'm looking to put in some podcasts with sermonettes, discussion boards, and outlinks to church blogs. Lots of html to write.

But it's got be thinking... our current web page was mainly used for advertising. It lists critial info and directions, that's about all (save the fact that it hasn't been updated in about a year).

But how should churches 'market' themselves? The new web page will have directions and beliefs and stuff listed, but that won't be its main purpose. Should churches even try to market themselves?

We had a billboard once. We don't have it anymore.

Here's my soapbox: I just don't think that advertising, as it were, will not bring people into the church. I think that's something that only Christians can do.

Any thoughts?


Chris said...

I'm not entirely sure you want me to get going on this, but ... no, I don't think advertising will help. I'm not even sure that we should be trying to "get people into churches" anymore, or ever should have.

tunz4jesus said...

The best "church marketing" is when Gods people behave like Jesus. Love God, seek justice, honor mercy, that kind of stuff. Love overcomes.