Tuesday, October 17, 2006


OK, so Friday night I went to a local football game to see some of my students do their band thing. The school played well (and eventually won) and it was all fine and dandy - except for one part of the game. Before the band stepped onto the field to do their half-time show, the school's dance team went on the field and did their dancing.

First the ladies were scantily clad, then they began to dance in ways that are comparable to strippers, then the crowd cheers like crazy, inlcuding the dancers' moms and dads. I've got a huge problem with all of this.

First and foremost, this kind of activity is disrespectful to women in general. To shake one's "altogethers" for the world to see and then to enjoy the attention received is not the way women to act or be treated. These girls are degrading themselves by flaunting said "altogethers" all over the football field. And they don't even see it; they somehow think it's a good thing to be popular and cheered for even at the cost of their dignity. And this is reinforced by their parents. Parents are not discouraging this in any way, in fact they're supporting it. Parents are supporting the exploitation of their daughters, brothers are supporting the exploitation of their sisters, boyfriends are supporting the exploitation of their girlfriends, and future husbands are supporting the exploitation of their future wives. AND IT IS WRONG!!!

All man who cares about a woman, any woman, has an obligation to stand up for treating them with dignity and respect. Women should also do the same and not reinforce this demeaning of young ladies who think that it is alright to be seen as a object instead of the people they are. Moms should not cheer this kind of dancing, but instead should demand people treat their daughters with respect.

It is also the responsibility of the sponsors at the dance teams to see that their girls respect themselves and don't allow them to sacrifice dignity for popularity. As Shari, my friend and a high school cheer sponsor, puts it, "This is a family place, not a place to make a family."

Sorry for the rant, but this just really ticked me off. So see girls degrade themselves to applause and then to see their parents cheer it on, just really made me realize how young ladies are not treated by people the way God intened for them to be treated.

But this was only part of what I realized that night...

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