Friday, October 20, 2006


"Jonathan!! My foot's stuck in this bucket!!!"

Yes. It was another memorable evening with the future leaders of the free world. It was Kids' Night Out.

I always take part in this ritual every month. And tonight it was definately fun and interesting.

We had a six year old who put his foot into a bucket and then he couldn't get it off - pictured above. Pretty funny, I thought.

Then I had to investigate the sighting of a scorpion on the top of the jungle gym - pictured right. It was "big and scary," I was told. I didn't see anything, but none of the kids would play on it again.

Then there was the 'Ketsup Chair Fiasco'. I had a nifty picture of it on my phone, but I accidently deleted it. Goo. We made the mistake of making such a condiment available to the kids. It landed all over a fabric chair. Suffice it to say, much scrubbing was required on my part.

It was kind of funny. We had one kid that was "Mr. Ladies' Man," well actually, "Mr. Ladies' Boy." He was 10. And girls chased him to and fro around the playground. We could tell they like him because they hit him and threw rocks at him. And as we all know: abuse is the universal sign of affection on playgrounds across America.

But I started thinking. If kids are naturally inclined to disobey when we tell them things like, "Share the tricycles with each other." Then maybe we are telling them the wrong thing. We should tell them not to share. Then maybe they'll disobey us and it'll all be good. We should put up signs like these ones (pictured here) that they have at the CiCi's Pizza buffet that tell us not to share with each other. Yes, that's it! Eureka!! I'm going to call CiCi's this week to see where they got their signs from.

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