Wednesday, October 25, 2006


WARNING: the story I'm about to relay is really creepy. The only reason I think it happened was so that I might add a final installment to this blog series. Now, let me explain... I'm an awkard, short, musician with long hair. The story you're about to hear has never had to me before, until the other day.

I had finished my workout (mostly running) at the Y, when I went to the mall to an Auntie Anne's Pretzel. They're so good, I get the original flavor with... sorry, I digress. I was walking out of the mall, when I saw a group of three or four girls walking towards the mall in the parking lot.

Now, it's a general rule for me not to look at girls as I pass them (I'll explain in a later post), so as usual, I turned my head the other way they started to walk past me. Then, the girls began making sexual comments and obscene noises. I glanced behind me to see who they were talking to, and then I realize it... they were talking to me.


This didn't flatter me; it creeped me out. This was disgusting. I ran. Yes, that's right. I halled it to my car and out of the parking lot, not even acknowledging that I had even noticed them (except for running, of course). This was weird, honestly.

Now, like I said, girls don't usually hit on short weird guys with long hair, much less anything blatantly sexual. But I guess there's a first time for everything. I've blogged about how men should treat women, but there's a way that women should treat men.

Men deserve respect - not to be treated as an automoton that desires to give and receive sex. Men are more than their bodies. This is something you'd expect a woman to say... but it goes for men as well. I expect to be treated with dignity and respect, not as a guy who wants sex with anyone, etc. I treat women with dignity and respect; I expect the same in return. I'm worth more than this kind of treatment. It's wrong.

No one has the right to make those kind of comments, etc. - man or woman. These are not the kinds of relationships that God intends for the two genders to have with one another. God wants people to know each other, as people. Sex is for marriage.

I have something special for my future wife - it belongs to her and her alone. If any girl looks at me otherwise, it is my (and every man's) duty to flee from anything that works to destroy God's ultimate plan.

Treat me with respect. Know me for who I am. Down degrade yourself or me by what you think is appropriate or alright... 'cause it's not!

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