Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Let the worshippers arise.

Phillips, Craig, and Dean pastored most of tonight's worship service. They closed with 'Let the Worshippers Arise." It was gorgeous. The vocals from the congregation (all worship leaders) was phenomenal. People harmonizing - perfectly - off the fly. Simply gorgeous.

Ana Laura also sang. I GOT AN AUTOGRAPH!! WOOT! WOOT!!

Today's conference was amazing. I went to a seminar this morning on arranging music for a volunteer worship teams (i.e., not paid professional musicians). Mark Townsend talked about how to best accomplish a good sound. Having a quality worship team beats having a quantity of people on stage with instruments. Music should add to and enhance the worship experience, not be a distraction. We, as communities, should offer our best - musically and otherwise, for worship. We owe it to our king.

This afternoon, I attended a class on songwriting taught by Paul Baloche (writer of Above All, Hosanna, Open the Eyes of My Heart, and Your Name - to name of few). (That's a picture of Paul teaching today at the top of this post). It was amazing. Paul is a great guy with a hilarious sense of humor; he's very personable. It was a lot of fun. He talked about writing worship songs by not trying to write 'hits,' but instead, by simply singing our prayers to God.

On another note, I will be speaking on worship this weekend in San Antonio, TX and leading a bit there, so I'm using this week to prepare spiritually for that. I'm excited to finish seeing what God has begun to show me this week.

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