Thursday, July 26, 2007


Today (Wednesday) was another day of worship - true worship. I went to a seminar this morning on burnout. Shaun "Puffy" Groves taught it. I got a nifty picture of me and Groves - will post later. He raised some serious issues about how we treat ourselves and our bodies - and how it all contributes to our health, physical and spiritual. Sometimes we need to be reminded of such things. Thanks, Shaun.

Dr. Marva Dawn preached this afternoon. She kicked some serious _____. No joke. She preached on authentic worship. And how we must be authentic to who God is in our worship. We must lament the state of the world, we must act on our prayers, such as "Thy kingdom come..." In other words, we must act on that and do everything we can to bring about God's kingdom. It was a very convicting sermon. We must feed the hungry and understand our worship as a part of our place in a larger picture of God's creation - all of which calls our to praise His name.

Matt Maher pastored this afternoon's worship. He wrote Your Grace is Enough, among many other songs. He's a worship pastor in Arizona. Big Daddy Weave pastored this evening's worship. God really spoke to me. And I'm dealing with some serious stuff.

It's amazing what we can hear from God when we finally shut up long enough to listen.

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