Saturday, July 28, 2007


You are God of forever and ever, amen
The Alpha, Omega
Beginning and end
We sing Hallelujah
We worship in awe
Immortal, invisible God

This song, as yet untitled, was written by Laura Story, who pastored part of tonight's worship, and Ed Cash. This top picture is Laura leading worship tonight (Thursday). She wrote Indescribable, which was made popular by Chris Tomlin.

One of the things that I loved about this conference was that the people who led the services, were not the 'rock stars' who made the songs famous. Instead they are the people who wrote the songs for use with their congregations. They don't have record deals, they don't want to be famous rock stars. They are simply worship pastors at heart. And these were the men and women who pastored our worship this week. It has been wonderful.

This afternoon Francis Chan preached; he's a pastor in Simi Valley, California. He asked some serious questions. Like, if we love our neighbors as much as ourselves, why don't we spend as much money on them as we do ourselves? If we really believe Jesus is starving (cf. Matthew 25), then why aren't we doing anything right now to feed him?

So convicting. So true. It reminded me that we can actually make a different - and that we are not asked to, we are commanded to.

I've learned so much about worship this week - about who God is, and who I am. I am a different person, because I had an encounter with the Holy.

God is great and He will be praised by all creation. He doesn't and won't beg for our worship. He doesn't need us to worship Him. He doesn't need us to make His name great or known. That will happen anyways. He will be worshiped regardless.

Instead, it is us who should be begging to worship.

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tony said...

good to have you were missed but we had lots of fun at Day Camp :-)