Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I always feel a little dirtier after working at a homeless shelter. Dirtier, because I become painfully aware that I am a part of a corrupt social system that elevates material possessions over life itself. Angrier, because I am an active part of that system.

Today I spent the morning at a local homeless shelter that doesn't have enough food to operate but a few more days. They need donations and need them quickly.

It hits me rather harshly when that I get back in my air conditioned car to drive back to the church, to sit in an air conditioned office, and blog on a computer.

I wish this were not the case for Christianity. I wish that people were not divided in churches according to their socio-economic status in a secular society. I wish that the Nordstrom people would worship equally with homeless people. If this were really the case, I seriously doubt that after a short period of time, neither Nordstrom people nor homeless people would exist anymore. We would be equal. If we ceased to care about ourselves, and began to care for others in the name of Christ, equality would take care of itself. Equality in the Early Church was not a social-political plan to be implemented within the Christian community. Instead, equality was the result of the worship of God, and love for each other.

I'm not picking on Nordstom, as a store. But today at the shelter, someone had donated a paper shopping bag with the Nordstrom logo on it. People are in need of food, and the shelter is in need of bags. So, someone who shops at Nordstrom donated their bag.

But what if?... What if that were all different? We if you and I made a difference - that is, me and every one who reads this blog? What if...

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