Monday, March 27, 2006


Curses! I was abducted by aliens again last night. Would that be a cool way to start a blog? I don't know; I just reckon that it would be awesome to be abducted... by extra-terrestrials that is...

I'm a pessimist today... actually I'm usually a pessimist, although I display a bright-side-of-things attitude whenever I'm around others... but even then, deep in the caverns of my mind... I'm a pessimist. For example, today in economics we had to determine effects of certain things of the ecomony. Well, I was trying to figure out whether a rise in business productivity would decrease unemployment... and then I realized... no matter what happens the economy will cycle back around to bad times... people will eventually loose their jobs... and eventually we all die.

So what does it matter? I thought about putting that on the paper. I'm just, frankly not seeing how a shifting supply-side line though the sales of capital gains is going to help me in youth ministry. First in ministry, there's no such thing as captial (money) or gains (getting more). It just won't happen on my salary. And I'm OK with that... (I am enlightened.).

People complain that the world is going down the toilet... I suppose it's true, I've never heard of anything going up the toilet... except that scary snake story I heard when I was a kid... but I digress... My proof that the "world is going downt he toilet": they got rid of the macs in this computer lab... what's the deal?... I must now suffer through the blah of a Micosoft PC that crashes every .015497513 seconds. After Baylor made its deal (read: conspiracy) with Dell, they began to phase out the macs around campus. The only survivors have been the music school, and we took a big hit last year when they changed the midi lab to Dells. What?!! Do you know how hard it is to write, mix and record music on a Dell? Anyways... I must read for my english... blog more later... so to depress you... just unloading my mind on a Monday morning.


Hale-Yeah! said...

yeah, economics is pretty boring, and i invest money for a living! just do the work and get out as soon as possible. i've learned that all college did for me was to cultivate my mind to know how to process information. i didn't always get the right info, or the stuff that aids my work now, but it did teach me how to find information and, how to work on a pc (most of the corporate world is on pc's. ibm for me.)

the cake baker said...

I learned about Satanist today

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