Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Remember the Alico!

Living in Jerusalem on the Brazos has so many perks. One of which is constantly hearing Wacoans citing the city's many claims to fame. Here are a few:

1) The ALICO Building in downtown Waco was once the tallest building west of the Mississippi.

2) Comedian Steve Martin spent his formative years (0-6) in Waco.

3) President Bush's ranch is about a 15 minute drive from where I am sitting now.

5) Waco is home to such rock stars as the David Crowder*Band and Ted Nugent.

6) Elvis used to party in Waco during his Ft. Hood days.

7) In Waco, people like to play with elephants, and then get on national news when they get hurt because of it.

8) And while most don't care to admit it, the Branch Davidian compound stormed by the ATF agents (lead by gladiator Janet Reno) in April 1993 is Waco best known incident. If you mention you're in Waco, folks never fail to respond, "Isn't that where those nuts from the cult were blown up by the nuts from the government?"

Thus, the mighty city of Waco is well known and envied, though not quite to the extent of L.A. or N.Y. But we are W. So, if you're wild about Waco, come join the fun, and you can hear about Steve Martin's formative years too.

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Anonymous said...

But the best part of Waco is...Jonathan's mom!!! :-) jk

Anonymous said...

You forgot the most important part about Waco.. Home of the Baylor Bears!! Sic'em Em.
- Marc

Anonymous said...

Is Jonathan a Baylor fan?

cruz-control said...

Heck, yes I'm a Baylor fan. Also I forgot to mention Dr. Pepper ("the official soft drink of Baylor University") was invented here too.


tunz4jesus said...

Your typo of Blogger was my best laugh today. Typo's just look so funny! My friend Heather and I are coming to your fair city for a convention in April. Where is the best(interpret, cheapest, but pest free) hotel for us to stay? Anything else for us to not miss while we are in Waco?

Anonymous said...

I would recommend trying to catch a Baylor Bear baseball game. Those are always fun (if you like baseball). Aside from that good luck with having a whole lot of crazy fun... I don't know about hotels b/c I never stay in them. What kind of convention is happening in Wacko?
- Halpinator

cruz-control said...

I'd go for the Holiday Inn Express. They replaced the shower heads in all their hotels a few years back and are excellent after a long drive... and it's not too expensive of a hotel either. The regular Holiday Inn also good and it's where the Secret Service stay with the President is in town (i.e., at his ranch), so it's kinda cool to see them talking into their wrists and all.

Anonymous said...

I say Holiday Inn or Best Western, or Ramada Inn...over on highway 84 right off of highway 6 by Richland Mall...out toward Woodway but not too far...those places look really nice-Rusty Shackleford...Shackleford

tunz4jesus said...

The convention we are going to is Beepcom. I am laughing as I type this because it is a gathering of forum members, (interpret my online friends) from B-Wacks forum ie Jeremy Bush from the David Crowder Band.
It should be pretty cool and I am looking forward to learning more about programming music.