Thursday, March 09, 2006

Somewhat Evangelical

I am SOMEWHAT EVANGELICAL scoring 100 points in a quiz. I'm not quite sure what to make of that. I do not consider myself to be a dockers-wearing, homeschool promoting, anti-gay union advocating, Republican. But I do watch Fox News! I do not subscribe to a 'rapture' theory nor do I send my money to Benny Hinn. Yet, I am still SOMEWHAT EVANGELICAL. What do you score?

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Anonymous said...

I to took the Evangelical Test and according to my results i am "somewhat" evangelical.(Do You think i should report that to a committe or something?-Like Everyting Else Baptist)so I am Not sure what "somewhat" means but i do know that i did vote for Prez. Bush without even thinking about the next guy(I wonder if i could get into heaven with that quote?) But is it really a crime to bust a move every now and then-i think it's ok to be crazy every now and then, even though that is not the typical sbc tradition. I am not saying anything against the sbc in fact i tend to like them. I even consider my self southern baptist but i feel if you don't agree with every detail that the next person does it is still alright. (Let's hope i dont get left behind for that one!)