Monday, March 20, 2006

A Week in Review

I took my spring break in Keystone, CO. Here's how the week went down:

Day 1 - Nausea meets Cool Games
Drive Time: 9 hours (Waco, TX to Hereford, TX). We loaded up, I took a weeks worth of clothes and about 20 books and of course Rebecca, loaded in a bus and headed accross this great state of Texas. I don't think that any other state is this massive. We played fun games involving movies and such. Although the game I wanted to try was "HEY COW!" This fun game is easily played in Texas. Here's how you play: you lower you window and as you pass a herd of cattle, one person yells out, "HEY COW!!!" How ever many cows turn to look in his/her direction, that's how many points he/she gets. Sounds cool, huh? Oh, yeah today, I also got extremely car sick and nauseas.

Day 2 - Dramamine is My Friend
Drive Time: 9 hours (Hereford, Tx to Keystone, CO). We slept in a basement of someone's house. Nice people, but no heater in the dungeon. Today's trip was much better, after the discovery of Dramamine. I figured out how it works too - it puts you to sleep so you can't be nauseas. Also I made a startling discovery (actually something I already knew, but was just reminded of), people outside of Texas, or the south rather, are rude. Now dont' take this personally, I realize that this is a generalization and all generalizations are in fact false due to their exceptions, but overall people are rude to each other outside Texas. Maybe it's just because I'm used to the over-friendliness of Texans and I've become spoiled, but I am astonished when we crossed the border at how people can be so rude just the other side of the state line.

Day 3 - God's Glory Shouts His Majesty
Colorado is beautiful. The mountains are gorgeous. There is no way that God doesn't exist. Not only the creation of such beautiful things, but our ability to enjoy them is not random. I skiied for the first time today. I do not know how really to do it... also there were "blizzard-like conditions" when the weather said there would only be flurries (they sound so cute - those darn flurries). Also I managed to run in to the only wall on a bunny slope. I landed in the shovels they used to clear away the snow. Also my ski boots are killing me... they're too tight I think. Maybe it will be better tomorrow.

Day 4 - Baby McGruff meets Star Trek
Skiing is like elongating your feet, making them slick, and then sliding down a mountain. No wonder I can't do it!!!!!!!!!! There are things we each do well. Skiing is not one of them for me. I just wasn't there when God passed out the skiing ability (I must have been in the bathroom or something). I did get bigger ski boots, so that did help! But they still hurt your shins like nothing else. Still I found amusment: in the condo's guest book was written, "Love from Robbie, Nicole, Kai & Baby McGruff." I still don't know quite why this is so funny, but who in the world would name their child Baby McGruff, I mean do they want their kid to get beat up on the playground? Also I found a common connection with a good friend of mine: Star Trek: The Next Generation. I know I'm a nerd. But it was a show I grew up on, in my defense. Good acting and good story lines - not that cheesy for those who haven't seen it as the old show. Anyways, much fun and laughter today.

Day 5 - Me and Rebecca
We wrote a few songs today... I really like one of them. It's based on Matthew 5:38-48. The title is from Bonhoffer's "No Rusty Swords" - I'll post it later. Our group took a picture on the top of the mountain this afternoon. Otherwise just a day of relaxtion. It was beautiful.

Day 6 - Back to Texas
Drive Time: 17 hours 28 minutes (Keystone, CO to Waco, TX). I read a bit of Bloesch's Last Things, and also slept quite a bit. We also got hotel discount coupon guides and found the funny in them. One hotel in Waco adveristed that their minutes from all Waco attractions. My question - where are you in Waco that you're NOT minutes from all Waco attractions(3). I was so ready to get back into Texas, where people are nice. There was actually a noticeable difference when we got back into the Lone Star State. I was never so happy to the Waco Skyline gleaming in the night-light. It's great to be back! I now get to rest from my vacation (a vacation from my vacation?)!

Day 7 - Audrey Hepburn rocks my face off!
I like classic movies; I started liking them in High School when we researched and presented on the history of American film making. Some of my favorites are Harvey, A Night in Casablanca, My Favorite Wife (1940), and Talk of the Town. Well, today we canceled all activited for our youth, and so I went to Hastings and bought a few Audrey Hepburn movies. Wow! Now only is Audrey like super-beautiful, but she's a great actress. If you have time check out Charade and Wait Until Dark; Breakfast at Tiffany's and My Fair Lady are also great. It was wet and muggy outside today, so I pretty much just stayed in and watched Hepburn movies. A perfect end to an wonderful week.

For some reason my last post, posted three times, oh well.


Tony said...

Marc says you read a lot when you went skiing, therefore you shall be ahead of everyone in Isaiah :-) see ya tomorrow

Hicks said...

Sorry it was a difficult trip... just wanted you to know I think about you guys all the time and you are in my prayers. Blessings, Hicks

cruz-control said...

It was actually a wonderful trip, without all the hecticness and all, well, it wouldn't be a vacation!

Anonymous said...

and isaid what aboutbreakfast at tiffany's she said i think i rememebr the film

cruz-control said...

heck yes!!!!!!!!!!