Friday, December 15, 2006


The year is coming to an end. We have much to remember and much to look forward to. I'm preparing a spiffy Year-in-Review here on the Cruz-Control.

But with the New Year come new resolutions, and new promises we make to ourselves. Most are eventually broken, if not by the end of week 1 then by the end of week 2.

Most of these resolutions we make are aimed at making ourselves better. There are 1 million plus ways that I could improve myself. But this year, I'm accomplished one of them.

I've changed how I treat my body. Now I've never been the type to put in massive quantities of liquor or anything but I did often put other crap in my body - mainly in the form of food, delicious food I might add. I did not exercise either. I didn't treat myself well.

That has changed. And I feel great. I make an effort to workout. I make an effort to eat healthy, if not healthier than normal. Very little fried stuff. I've gotten in considerably better shape, I can run, hike, and climb and feel great with doing it. And in the process, I've dropped quite a bit of weight (55 pounds), 5 pant sizes, and 2 shirt sizes. I don't think I'm as tall as I was either.

People ask me quite often what I did to, "lose weight." Besides being creeped out by such questions, I did nothing to "lose weight." I just decided to treat my body better and get in shape and be healthy, and it was just a biproduct, never the intention. But because I decided to be healthy, I changed my diet; I did not 'go on a diet.' I live differently, knowing that my body is a temple and I deserve to treat it like it belongs to God... 'cause it dones.

Now, 2 pictures. I'm hesitant to post these. But I look different. I'm treating myself better and you should too. I've worked on this one this year, I'll see what else I can fix about me for next year - there's a long enough list, I'm sure.

Me back in June.

Me last week.

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tunz said...

Way to go, Jon. Not because you have lost some lbs., but because you are honoring the gift God gave you by treating it well. Using your talent of good health to serve Him, giving Him the glory. You inspire me to serve Him in the same way.