Friday, December 29, 2006


Two people I know have died since Christmas - within 48 hours of one another. I don't like death; I don't know anyone who does.

Today I'm doing a lot better than yesterday. I'm constantly reminded of David Crowder's Book "Everybody Wants to Do to Heaven, But Nobody Wants to Die." He wrote it after the funeral of Kyle Lake, after Kyle died last year. Death is not a sad occasion for Christians; it is a time to celebrate one of our fellow saints making it home first.

Though we still mourn.

Death is confusing. It is perhaps the biggest mystery we can hope to seek answers for. It's bigger than the question of where we came come. But like our creation, we look to the divinity for answers about death.

And we pray for comfort and peace.


Tunz said...

I am sorry about your losses. Was thinking about all my Waco friends as I drove past the Waco exit yesterday. After my mom died, I really struggled with this whole death thing. God did an amazing thing with my heart though, and I don't look at death, or life, the same way I used to. I will pray that God shows you something amazing to help ease your pain, too.

cruz-control said...