Thursday, December 14, 2006


My Day...

7:30am - hit alarm clock

7:42am - hit alarm clock

7:44am - stumble into the shower

8:30am - go to office, print directions to Apple Store in Austin, TX

8:45am - gas up, buy green tea for the road

9:00am - begin the trek to Austin

10:45am - arrive in Austin

11:30am - go to Apple Store, check card won't work, 'discuss' the situation with Wells Fargo.

11:42am - check card works

11:46am - walk out of Apple Store with a new Macbook Pro - I'm smiling on the inside, and out.

12:00pm - Christian Chicken (Chic-fil-a) at the food court in Barton Creek mall.

12:15pm - begin looking for Guitar Center to buy notation software

12:38pm - lost and frustrated, I curse the freeway design engineer

12:55pm - find Guitar Center and buy notation software - Finale PrintMusic 2007.

1:15pm - head back to Waco, TX

2:45pm - arrive back in Waco, TX.

fun day... but one thing I noticed... the sun doesn't shine in Austin... I'll explain soon


Chris said...

Getting new toys are always fun, even if it's a macbook. Good on ya for finale though, that's a good buy! What does this particular version do special? Is it just for chord charts?

cruz-control said...

I'm a composer. I write symphonies and orchestral music. I started out at Baylor with the intention of getting my degree in music composition. I had a full 'bootleg' (no one official is reading this right?) version of Finale when I was in composition classes.

But since, I have come to my senses and became a Mac person. The version of Finale I had was a PC only copy.

So, I've been using an old mac version of printmusic and notepad from the finale website. But now I need a solid notation software that will run on the intel processor of this lovely mac i'm typing on. finale's notepad will only write up to like 4 lines of score at a time!!! goo!!!

So, I just bought a bona fide copy of PrintMusic. It'll write like 20 lines of score, which means I can finally write some more symphonies. I've gone back to pen and paper as of late. It doesn't have as many bells and whistles as Finale 2007 does, but it's definately got more than enough.

Ok, now I"m rambling...

I'll use it for chord sheets as well, it gives fret pictures and all. But I can't wait to get back to orchestrations. Yeah... I'm a geek!

tunz4jesus said...

Dude, I know I am not suppose to covet, but that was before Mac Book Pros! Will you use it for programming any music?