Friday, September 22, 2006


Due to the recent (over the course of 8 months) explosion of hair on the top of my head, I have received numerous suggestions of what to do with it.

1) Cut it. This has been suggested by the likes of Marc and Jerry. But I say: What's the point? I want to see how long it'll grow. Besides, my friend Tom and I are viing for longest hair. It's been since February 3, 2006 since the last haircut. And it's still growing. Why break a winning streak on purpose?

2) Mullet. This has been suggested to me several times over the course of the last week. I could have a decent mullet in time for Christmas. To this I simply say, NO. While Grandma would completely dig it at Chrismastime, I just don't think I would the rest of the year.

So, for now unless yall offer better suggestions for what to do with the hair, it shall continue to grow.

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The Halpinator said...

Mullet would be priority number one for me, but since you won't roll that way... you could trim your hair.