Tuesday, September 12, 2006


So, I was at McDonald's grabbing some nuggets for lunch. The lady strolled over and asked me what I wanted."

"A Number 9, lots of ketsup." I replied.

"And how are you doing today?" I inquired.

She proceeded to lay out to me how her entire day had gone. She was tired and frustrated and wanted to get off work, which was in about 20 minutes.

This got me thinking. When we asked people how they are doing, why are we always superficial about it? We expect them so say, "fine" and get on with their lives, even if it's the worst day they've even lived through.

But what about when we do show a concern for other people? What if we were to stop being superficial and truly care about people we don't even know? What would that do for people's lives?

I told her that I hoped her day went better. And that it was only a short time until she got off work. I've needed encouragement like this before. And it was great when I got it from someone I least expected it from.

So, next time you're offered "fries with that," ask the person on the other side of the counter how they are doing? They may need it.


the baker said...

ok im not sounding all conceited or mr know it all...but i've been the person behind the counter and i know how it feels, so i usually ask how the person behind the counter or the clerk at walmart or the greeter how they are doing...some people will really open up and just share what's bothering them...or they are sooo excited because of something, and they just want to share...one time i asked this girl at walmart and she musta wanted someone to talk because after that she was really excited someone asked how she was doing her day just got brighter because she was more than someone checking out groceries...my pastors wife (we were shopping for groceries) then said i was flirting with her, but she just wanted to talk with someone...so its really nice to get something other than "fine"

Chris said...

Way to be a missionary, Cruz!

Have you read "Organic Church" by Neil Cole? If not, I think that perhaps now is the time ...