Thursday, September 07, 2006


So, I'm moving. It's kind of tough in the middle of the school year. But it's all good. I'm moving to a spiffy keen place in China Spring, TX; it's about a seven minute drive from the Waco throughfares.

I'm excited! Yay!

I won't have to replace the tires on my Jeeep a due to slashing (while parked in my own driveway), nor will I have to replace the front lights on my Jeep because they've been shot out. BUT the best part of all: NO ICE CREAM TRUCKS DRIVE OVER THERE! (I personally believe that ice cream trucks are from Hell, as I believe I have stated on this blog earlier.)

China Spring is a nice suburban community (NOT a "town," as the lady in the General Store pointed out to me tonight: "We are a community.").


But it's all good. This whole moving and finding a place to move to and all has had me pretty stressed the past couple of weeks. But it's all good. Because no matter where I go, as long as there's a Bush's Chicken... it's all gravy (literally).

p.s. if you haven't experienced the essence of Bush's Chicken, just ask a Wacoan, they'll tell ya!

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