Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I am about 7/8 of the way done with moving. But I probably won't have internet until the middle-later part of the week. Unitl then, I will blog, but it may be sporadically.

Anyways, I've learned a few things while moving. First I have more shoes than most females I know, combined. No offense to anyone of the female species. But I really have a massive quantity of footwear.

Anotherthing, moving sucks. Like it seems all cool to live somewhere else and stuff, and it is. But the actually moving of everything makes you realize how much STUFF we accumulate and hang on to, whereas others simply have nothing, literally. I discovered I have a lot of stuff I don't use or have any desire to use. And it's heavy. I've actually gotten rid of a lot of it, but still, moving sofas and tables is not very fun.


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The Halpinator said...

If you weren't such a pack rat... ;)