Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I'm taking a class on the book of Isaiah this semester. One of the major themes of the first chapter and throughout the book is the Kingship of Yahweh. Isaiah 1.3 addresses a people who do not know where to get their needs met. It seems to me that the Church is no different. We do not know that God is the only one who can meet our needs. In order to gain support from more people, the Church has cozied up to money, popularity, fame, and politics. The thinking goes: if we have something common to fight for, then we have something in common, right?

The Church has nothing in common with a pagan culture. The sooner the Church realizes that it needs God, and only God, instead of popular support from the society around it, the sooner the Church can become RELEVANT. The problem is that we do not want others, including God, to get in the way of our doing church. We like our services, our offertories, our Sunday Schools. And heaven forbid we change to allow God to work. We want things our way. The problem with that is the Church is not Burger King. It's not about our way, but Yahweh's. It's only when we seek God instead of comfort that we can become earthshattering to non-believers.

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