Friday, February 24, 2006

In the Arms of Jesus

I walked out of class today confident that not only did a man called Jesus of Nazareth live, but that He was the Son of God - sure that He died, not as a blasphemer on a cross, but as a sacrifice for my life so that I can have an intimate relationship with the creator of the universe. I walked out of class knowing that YHWH was looking down on me, smiling with love.

Dr. Don Greene, science prof here at Baylor for twenty-some-odd years, returned to class today. As many of you know, he lost his 24 year-old son, James, in a parasailing accident a few weeks ago. A incredible man of God, he spoke to us about life & faith today. Showing us pictures and telling us stories, Dr. Greene reminded all of us what he had been reminded of a few seeks ago: life is precious and it can end suddenly. The air we breathe, the noises we hear, the sun we feel, and the rain we smell are all treasures of this gift called life. It's amazing how we sometimes get so busy doing life that we forget what life is. Dr. Greene reminded us how life can end without warning, and it's up to God alone when that time is. I was also reminded of the futility of trying to prove God through science, and the value of faith. And I was reminded that no matter which side of Heaven we're on, we're always in the arms of Jesus.

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