Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Save the Macs!

The Macs are under attack! The Wall Street Journal ran an article yesterday reporting that Macs, due to their increasing popularity, are capturing more attention from programmers who strive to hurt the average American by writing pesky worms. Mac users used to be a small community of common/artsy folks who had stayed out of the computer-virus wars. We simply did not participate - I mean Macs were perfect computers for a pacifist like myself. And we managed to say out of the virus-wars until people began to realize the beauty of a computer that doesn't crash without cause. Folks who are not so artsy have realized the advantage of not having to reformat their hard-drives every time the Blue Screen of Death would pop up.

Yes, Macs are truly wonderful. Much easier to use than those accurséd PCs. But we have a problem - I need to download anti-virus software! The days of ol' are gone; I already miss them. I think I'm going to have withdrawls.

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