Saturday, February 18, 2006

Technology + Cruz = AAAHHHHHHHHH!

Ok, I've been working at this all day. I have set up two links lists, they're on the sidebar. Links aren't easy to set up on this blog; you have to rewrite the computer code.

Also, you can search my blog or other blogs via Google using the bar on the top of the webpage. One of the "Inflate My Ego!" links is my MySpace web page. On this I will post some of my songs that I've recorded. A tentative ALBUM COVER photo is on MySpace - click to see it!

I'll continue to try to make this blog more snazzier. So stay tuned.

P.S. Just War and Pacifism coming soon!

1 comment:

theboythatisbatman said...

Hey Cruz, it's allen. BRING COBRA EVENT!!!! see ya sunday