Monday, February 06, 2006


OK, Marc - since you have your OVER-Rated list, here's my UNDER-Rated list. These are not necessarily things that aren't rated high, just not high enough. So, here we go...

5) Macs - not Big Macs, but the computers. Apple computers are so much more stable, and easier to use than PCs. Also, no one bothers to write viruses, worms, etc. to infect them. Not only are the graphics far beyond anything PCs offer, but the artistry that can be enhanced by a Mac is incredible. Even for everyday, internet, web-browsing folks, the Mac can do everything a PC can do, only better, and more easily!

4) Yamaha guitars - To heck with Martins (They are sooooooo OVER-Rated!!!). Basically Yamaha offers the most bang for the buck. Their lower line, offers inexpense quality guitars are low prices ($150). And for experienced/professional players, the upper lines are comparable with Taylors at about half the price. The handcrafted lines (LL, CPX, etc.) are beyond belief in sound quailty and action! They're all I play!!!!!!!!!

3) Wayne Kirkpatrick - Who? He's a songwriter. Like Diane Warren (Who?), he writes for anyone and everyone (Michael W. Smith to Whitney Houston to Tim McGraw). He pretty much just sits in a room and writes music! This guy can pen a lyric - not shallow cheezy ones, but deep meaningful ones. He has one CD out; the music has a great message.

2) Captain Billy Wizzbangs - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The most amazing mixture of bun, meat, and grease on the face of the planet, heck, the universe for that matter! A local establishment, Capt. Billy's has an old-school diner atmosphere. The burgers are made after you over (none of that fast food mess!), skilletted to perfection, and served with a heaped mount of tots (fried to perfection)! Wow, amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If your ever in the area, or the state take a detour to see the Captain - you won't regret it! Ever!

1) Orange-Aid - This little-known orange drink made by Tropicana is not to be imaged! It's hard to find, there are only about three stores in the entire Waco area that stock this stuff! The first time you try it, it may seem like your average orange-flavored fake drink, but watch out! - addiction will soon overcome you. In a matter of sips, you'll be hooked! Competely unique, Orange-Aid will rock your face OFF!!

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