Thursday, February 02, 2006

We Got a Spot on Leno

The greater Waco area recently garnered a spot in Jay Leno’s monologue. The circumstance? A Catholic priest blessed the opening of the new Hooter’s Restaurant. The opening of Hooters has been the subject of much controversy here in Jerusalem on the Brazos. And the whole fiasco has, in my opinion, not been handled responsibly by the clergy in the area. Several spiritual leaders from around the area led a campaign to ban Hooters from coming to town. However, that apparently failed. There have since been calls for the community to boycott and such, but judging from the reports of lengthy lines and number of Baylor students, that hasn’t had much success either.

My first question is this: what business do Christians have telling non-Christians how to live? Secondly, if Christians are resolved that something is wrong (e.g., going to Hooters) why not just not go to Hooters? Won’t that in itself make a statement to others? If we are supposed to be different, let us be different. Simple, right? Which leads me to my third question: What business, then, does a clergyman have ‘blessing’ something that is not healthy to the Kingdom of God? This represents, unfortunately, a major problem in Christianity today. One side is seemingly overstepping its bounds; the other is wavering on its stance. Neither is helpful; both harm. Neither mentality fares well for the Kingdom of God.

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