Thursday, May 18, 2006

Blogging Blitz

First and foremost: THANK YOU TO ALL WHO READ THE CRUZ-CONTROL. I would have no reason (or fun) blogging without yall reading my ramblings and cogitations. So, THANK YOU!!!!

You see, blogs are like puppies (pictured here) - they require nuturing and care; without these they die. To keep them growing and healthy, one needs to blog often, at least every other day - preferably eveyday. Finding a niche in the internet community is also dependent on frequent updates. Also blogs must be interesting (if not entertaining), if they are to grow. I try my best to fulfill this requirement here on the Cruz-Control. I don't find it interesting to know who's dating who, etc. (especially about people I don't know), so I will not bore you with stuff like that here at the Cruz-Control. (Also, because I don't care to know enough about this myself.)

Links are also of considerable importance. Links integrate a blog into the world wide web; they increase readership, centralize topics for discussions and provide a cohesivness to this thing called a weblog community. IF YOU LINK TO THE CRUZ-CONTROL AND I DON'T ALREADY LINK TO YOU, LET ME KNOW. I will reciprocate all links.

Finally if you don't have a blog, I recommend getting one. It's a great way to vent, ponder and declare ideologies you otherwise would think to claim. You will use you brain when you write a blog. You can personalize your page with spiffy hosts such as Blogger and Typepad. Most are free; but don't do Xanga. If you do (yes, this IS a threat!), I will ridicule and taunt you for many moons to come.

Some good blogs I've discovered recently you might want to check out: Halpinator (on Blogger) and Redeeming the Mind.

The first several on my "Flippin' Sweet Blogs" link list are really good stuff too. Check them out. Again, thanks for your ears (or rather your eyes).

P.S. If you're stressed, check out this site - I can't stop going to it!!!! (Thanks to TUNZ4JESUS for this link!)