Friday, May 26, 2006

Chew on this...

In an earlier post I said I was going to begin discussing the whole End-Times/666 phenomena here at the Cruz-Control. My reasons for this include The Omen (about a devil-incarnate child) opening in theaters, and the upcoming release of the latest Left Behind novel: The Rapture on June 6, 2006 or 06/06/06.

The way mainstream Christianity now views the "End-Times" is quite different from as soon as a century ago. Many Christians believe wholeheartedly the theology of the Left Behind novels. It's author, Tim LaHaye, has spoken as well as written extensively on "prophecy." Since most evangelical (whatever that means) Christians hold to this eschatology (theology of the Last Things/End Times), Left Behind novels are selling, and movies like The Omen will accomplish their goal of scaring the mess out of the church-going public.

This man didn't like his license plates because of their first three digits. My great-grandmother actually had her social security number changed because it contained three 6's in a row. I will discuss the issue of Anti-Christ and the number 666, along with other elements of Left-Behind eschatology (known as Premillenial Dispensationalism) soon. I spent a great deal of time over the past year digging into this whole thing, including the meaning of the book of Revelation. I found answers with the help of a great scholar, Dr. Charles H. Talbert. I hope to share what I've learned with you. Revelation is one of my absolute favorite books in the Bible.

In the meantime, here's some hype about the upcoming date 06/06/06: CLICK HERE.


Tunz4jesus said...

Check out this guys photoblog for one of my favorite pictures related to the ominous number.

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