Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"None of this is real!"

This was one of the lines in the preview for this week's Lost. It's the Season 2 Finale. There aren't many shows that draw me in to the point that I HAVE to see the next show. In fact, aside from the news, I don't watch much TV at all. But thanks to the genius writers, and the magic of TiVo, I have become addicted to Lost. I can watch it when and if I have time. However, lately I've found myself MAKING time for this show.

The quote above (in the title of the post) is said by Locke. This has been an idea I've entertained since the episode a few weeks ago about Hurley. Maybe none of it is real; the whole show is in someone's mind. Also, I have a bone to pick with this past weeks episode about Michael. Ms. Clue gives Michael a list, on which four names are written. On that list is "Hugo Reyes." Only one other time in this show when Hurley referred to as "Hugo," is when Michael approaches him while he's digging Libby's grave. The rest of the time in this show, Michael calls him Hurley. I thought his name IS Hurley... why call him Hugo? This makes no since.

Also the issue with the numbers. This is one of the strangest things about this show. Hurley/Hugo (see my frustration above) won the lottery with these numbers, that were repeated by a man in a mental hospital over and over. They happen to be the same numbers in the Dharma Experiment, used to keep the world from blowing up, and a host of other things. I don't know; it's just weird.

You Lost addicts have any theories about The Others? I think that maybe they were the original lab rats of the Dharma Initiative, but somehow overthrew their experimenters. Now they are doing experiements on our friends. But what's the deal with the List. Not a good person - not on the List: what the heck is that all about?

If do don't watch Lost and you've read all the way through this post, I commend you. I know it's hard to get into if you don't watch every show, but you can always rent or buy the seasons on DVD; you won't regret it. This really is one of the best shows I've ever seen. It makes you think; most TV shows don't.


The Halpinator said...

Better than pie!

tunz said...

Libby dies? I don't watch during the season but rent at the end and watch during the first snow storm.

The Halpinator said...

I think the "None of this is real" comment is Locke getting angry with Ecko about the whole pushing the numbers thing. BUT Desmond is definitely coming back!

cruz-control said...

We "think" Libby dies; but from what I hear, there's more of her in the third season... I don't know.

tunz said...

It's all good about Libby, it is a blast to watch, and the Hugo thing, didn't his mother call him Hugo on the episode when they explained the lottery and all. Now I need to go back and watch one again.