Thursday, May 04, 2006

Goliath Is Gathering Steam

Finals start today. It's actually about 1:45am and I'm delaying going to bed as much as possible because I know one awaits me upon my awakening. It's crunch-time - stress-time. If I can get through the next week, or actually until Monday with my sanity intact, I'll be alright. But my goliath seems pretty strong right now. I've got 1 essay, 3 essay tests, and 2 multiple-guess tests. Mucho studying to come... blog on some cool stuff with great meaning after finals. Til then, you'll get some random and hopefully funny posts.


Kelli said...

Good luck on your finals! I just got done with mine two days ago, and I think my my brain is still overloaded. Kelli

cruz-control said...

done? lucky! ;-)