Saturday, May 06, 2006

Long Days, Longer Nights


I looked at him like he had eaten my last animal cracker. And I was in no mood for this!


"CURSES!" I replied.

Sorry, let me start at the beginning. It has been a couple of crazy past few days. I know I was going to do funny the next few blogs, but I'll do those next. Yesterday, Friday I had two finals - Economics in the morning, English in the afternoon. After answering 75 questions (not too bad) and writing a six page paper in 2 hours, exhaustion consumed me.

But the day was not over... our church had a Kids' Night Out, a fun time when the kids come up to the church on a Friday night and run amok for 4 hours. I always work these nights - kids are cool, sometimes. Actually the kids were great last night. The past few times we've had to have an exorcist on standby because they acted demon-possessed. But I digress... last night was great! I just had the brain power of an goat (goats aren't typically known for their unwavering intellect).

So, I came home, hoping to grab some grape soda and this week's THE OFFICE on my TiVo; but instead I was interrupted by a weather bulletin. A storm was berring down on the Waco area. Sirens went off. The Cruz-Control panicked. I was already running on auto-pilot at 5:30 when KNO started. Now, my relaxing evening was GONE! I listened to Mr. Weatherman order me into my shower to take shelter from the three rotating circulation systems right on top of Waco (pictured above). So I grabbed my cell phone, by wallet, and well, my guitar. I figured I'd write a song in the down-time. The winds tore some shingles off the roof, hail pounded the windows. The funny thing was that the tornado siren sounds an awful lot like the freight train sound you hear with a tornado. Not good for the nerves. Anyways, things finally calmed down and I was able to fall asleep at 3:30am.

But I had to wake up at 7:00am to get to the church for our youth group's car wash. I was lucky, I just held the sign for a while. After 3 and a half hours' sleep, it was a rough morning. Also it rained again this afternoon. People look at you funny when you try to hold a car wash in between to thunderstorms. Anyways, I must sleep now! You'll get funny soon, I promise.

btw, the exorcist thing was a joke =)

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