Friday, August 04, 2006


I got a call from a good friend of mine at 1am yesterday morning. She whispered into the phone that someone was wanting to get into her house. He rang the doorbell emphatically and was talking with another man on the outside of the door.

My friend and her roomate-for-the-night called the police but they had not come, so she called me. I threw on some clothes and drove to her house - about a 3 minute drive from my place. My friend had just moved into the house on Monday, but Wednesday night was her first night to sleep there. She's rooming with other girls, but they were not there that night, so she had another friend sleeping over so she wouldn't be alone. I drove over there with my Maglite torch and a whole lot of prayer.

The men had left by the time I got there. We waited for the police to come. When they arrived, they gave a lesson on street-smarts and safety. Mr. Policeman suggested that maybe the people that had come assumed that a previous tenant still lived there.

So, today I helped my friend cover some windows and move some things around, checked locks, etc. Before I arrived, however, she had asked the people working on the house about its history. Apparently the house was previously used as somewhat of a brothel (that's not the work they used to describe it). And the red front door means that "services" are offered. Now, it's completely remodeled and everything, but this still creeps both her and myself out. So we covered some more windows and the door is no longer red.

Simply moving is not a option financially at the moment, but she doesn't know what do to. She was first happy to get that place with all of her roomates. Young people in college are too broke to simply change living situations because of something like this. So we prayed together.

All that to ask you... do you think that demons and spirits can inhabit a place? As an Protestant evangelical (whatever that means) I tend to downplay anything spiritual but the Holy Ghost. But I know that Satan is a real spirit and he does have his angels, as does God. So what do you think? I'm not talking about hauntings, but rather: Can spirits of evil reside in places after the people who brought them in have left?

We prayed for the house and for the people in it now and before. I ask that you please pray for my friend to have some peace.


Kelli said...

I've been studying about angels and demons recently. And I have no (biblical) idea if they can stay in a house. Personally, I think it might be possible. If previous owners of the house were messing around with things they shouldn't have been, things and effects could've been left behind. All I can tell you to do about it is what a very godly, biblically-sound woman told me. If you suspect demonic activity, say out loud (since demons can't read minds), "Jesus is my Lord, and you can't touch me," and don't pay any further attention to it. And, of course, pray like you have already, for the previous and current occupants. That's all I know to do. I hope it helps, and I'll be praying for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Cruz, you must read 'This Present Darkness' by Frank Peretti. It's filed under fiction but it is a true accounting of the seen and unseen.

'For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places'--Ephesians 6:12

Sarah H. said...

there's a book i really like called The Bondage Breaker by Neil T Anderson..

I believe in demons and their power. I know they can torment people and they also go after christians.

I've been under attack myself. Weird stuff happened.
Anyways it's sort of a tough subject to discuss.

Sanely_InSaNe said...

Hhhmmm...Demons? Interesting...Ghosts are a definite yes, but demons...I've never really thought about it. As for living in a used to be brothel, that's frickin awesome! Okay, yeah gross too, but awesome!
There have been a few findings I've heard of in the past about jewelery and the like. The women would hide their belongings from each other and have special stashes. If one of them ended up dying or some such, their stash would remain hidden in the house. Yay, "soiled doves" costume jewelry...xD
Then again, that information didn't come from a reliable source *cough*tv show*cough*
I'll pray, but honestly, I think everything will be fine. By the way, how long ago has it been since the house was used as a brothel?
And wow...breakins...not cool.

Chris said...


Is it possible that it was just two creepy guys who knew that the house was all women?

I do believe that angels and demons exist (the concept of spiritual warfare is a bit too prevolent in the bible to ignore the idea), but I also think we have to be careful not to think every bump in the night is a demon and that every favorable turn of fate was an angel. But we shuoldn't ignore them either, as many churches do these days.

Prayer is good, as I think you'd need more information to make a decision about that.

My personal feelings about it is that demons are more interested in people, not particular places. This is more of a hunch than an idea I got from scripture, but it seems to me that demons would congregate where people are in their ongoing work to keep people from God. I don't think demons would simply wander about a house unless there was some purpose behind it involving the people IN the house. Fear is a powerful weapon.

But again, it could just be two creepy guys out for some "fun."

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