Saturday, August 12, 2006


Dear Mr. President,

I live not far from you in Waco, TX. As I'm sure you're aware, Crawford is just outside of Waco, about a 10 minute drive (although you probably make it from our airport in 5 b/c of that snazzy copter of yours).

Anyways, I'm asking you to stay in Crawford for at least a few days - long enough for me to get some sleep. You see, Marine One has flown over my house at least eleventy billion times today, and it has a tendency to fly quite low. Also, the National Guard are constantly doing fly overs, clearing airspace and the like.

I know you've got many meetings and all that jazz to attend to, but this constant coming and going makes my house shake everytime you've got to be somewhere. It's got to stop, Mr. President. It's starting to affect my REM.

If you need any other advice Mr. President, I'd be happy to give it to you - all you have to do is ask.

Yours truly,
Jonathan Cruz

P.S. About all those protestors over here... well, they annoy us too.


cruz-control said...

3:57am - My house is shaking again. Please read this post soon, Mr. President.

cruz-control said...

4:05am - more shaking. yay.

theboythatis said...

I totally understand it Cruz.

The Air Force does fly overs right over my house too.

Here's another one that just really goofed me though. I was going to go to an ortho appointment, so I left my house via Bosque ln. and hit 84. Turns out they had closed the highway b/c the President had invited some foreign official to stay, but that official was afriad to fly. So they closed down highway 84 (they had put cops at all the access ramps but they ran out of cops so they had just about everybody with a government car blocking ramps. I even saw a dog catcher blocking and exit ramp) so they could drive this guy out to the ranch without having to worry about trouble and traffic.

tunz4jesus said...

I live within missle range of Ft. Riley. When they do night manuevers and explode shells the houses within range shake all night long. Fortunately, my husband snores loud enough to block it all out...