Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Waco really is a fun place to live, especially in college. But one thing about Waco is that we have random 'icons' in our skies. Allow me to explain...

Over the Douthit Auto Sales center, there are random flamingos and alligators - no one knows why.

Just over Valley Mills Drive at Franklin, there is a tower with a guy on a Port-O-John atop of it. At night the inside, showing him on the toilet, lights up. AWKWARD!!!!

So, Waco is a fun place with our Port-O-Johns and all. Next time your in town, look for other things that make us wacko, 'cause believe me - you'll find some.

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Tony said...

hehe thats funny and sooo true!!! i always see the alligator and flamingos at Douthit because leah lives across the highway from that, i just noticed those flamingos and alligators a month or so ago though :-P i was very amused and confused!