Thursday, August 24, 2006


OK, so I've begun my senior year here at Baylor University. I've loaded up on classes and will graduate in August, as opposed to like a year and a half from now as I was fearing. So, I'll be able to start grad school in the fall. Yay.

It's funny because all that matters now is that really, really expensive piece of paper on my wall this time next year that says I'm educated. I am taking the classes I need to graduate and only the classes I need to graduate. My motivation for taking a class for reasons of pure enjoyment is long gone.

I've got one really cool class though, taught by Dr. Charles H. Talbert (aka: The Beast of a Scholar), it's the Parables in Matthew. But things have just been nuts this week, I should settle into my schedule and get back to blogging regularly these next couple of days.

I've got some topics I've been working on and mulling over. I'd like to get yall's imput.


Sic 'em BEARS!!!

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