Sunday, August 20, 2006


Meet Ken and Janette Orr (sorry there's no pic). Ken and Janette love Jesus. Ken and Janette love people.

Ken and Janette joined our family at Western Heights several years back.

But when I look at Ken and Janette, I don't see two grandparents, I see Jesus. Now Ken will be the first to say, "I aint' perfect."

Janette will then add, "Yep, he ain't perfect."

But Ken and Janette are merciful, they are pure in heart, they hunger and thirst for righteousness, they love people. Ken and Janette try to be more like Jesus everyday - I know this because everytime I see them, I see more and more of the face of Christ.

When I look at the Orrs, I really do see Jesus. I see who Jesus is and how much he loves people.

They cooked us hamburgers tonight. Wow. Amazing. Probably the best burgers I've ever eaten. But the best thing about it was that they loved cooking them for us. Ken and Janette love to serve people and they despise any credit for it; they are humble.

It just astounds me how we can see a literal-in-the-flesh Jesus through the actions and love of His followers. And this is what I'm supposed to be showing as well.

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Priscilla said...

There is a couple in my church just like that by the name of Gary and Esther Swimely.