Wednesday, August 16, 2006


What is the greatest strength of the Church in today's world?

What is the greatest weakness of the Church in today's world?


tunz4jesus said...

weakness-the people he has to work with

Chris said...

I think that the Church's greatest strength is also its greatest weakness ... the church wants to "take the world for Christ," but the problem is that the world doesn't want to be taken. And so the church tries anything that it can think of to take the world for Christ ... from violence (the crusades and hellfire preaching) to persuasion and coersion (the consumeristic mega-church). And yet it isn't the church's job to build the church - it's Jesus' job, we're just supposed to obey and serve.

The concurrent greatest strength and greatest weakness? Zeal for Jesus. Weird, huh?

Sarah H. said...

greatest weakness - not enough prayer

greatest strength - Christ.

theboythatis said...

Greatest Strength: the innate need for Christ in all people

Greatest weekness: unwillingness in those with a deep enough relationship with Christ to help fill that void in other people

Anonymous said...

greatest: the people who have the heart to go out and do the Lord's work
weakness: the people who have the heart to go out and do the Lord's work
darn baptist

Anonymous said...

I think the greatest strength outside the power of Christ... is money and resources. We have so much to give, the greatest weakness is selfishness. We spend it on ALL the wrong things. I don't mean to say we can buy people's souls, but they sure would think differently about Jesus if we spent more of our resources on the world rather than ourselves. Hicksie