Monday, November 20, 2006


OK, just make it through today and I'm off for Thanksgiving. Woot! Woot!


the baker said...

remember kelsie from camp...she looked like dakota fanning, that was so eerie :-P and funny, you played checkers with her everyday and i think she beat you up until she she had to leave. :-) my youth want to do smething with yall again, ill talk to marc sometime and see what a good time might be...later home dawg

dakota fanning said...

oh goodness!!! i thought i was the only one, but i have the same dreams of my teeth falling out, or they fall out, i dont know what causes that, but i get so scared and sad :-(...about the pants thing, yeah i dont have those that often, mine are usually a bit more personal than that

cruz-control said...


ok bro, you're freakin' me out.