Wednesday, November 22, 2006


As we approach the Holiday Season, keep you eye out for... CREEPY toys. I don't know why companies make these. I don't know if kids will actually play with them. If I had this toy, I'd probably get scared and run to the fort I just made. (I made a lot of forts when I was little).

I don't know if this is a wrestler or a gunner or what, but this toy is definately on the ugly side of things.

Now, I have nothing against ugly toys personally, after all they can't help it that they are ugly. But I just don't know why toy companies would put themselves, the children, or the toys through this whole process.

The companies have to the lose money, the kids get the mess scared out of them, and the toys' self esteem suffers heavily. Oh, well.

If you happen to see any scare toys out there this season, please don't buy them and scare the children, instead take a picture and e-mail them to me. I'll post them here on the Cruz-Control.

And we'll see who can find the creepiest toy this season.

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