Thursday, November 09, 2006


I really to have a lot of stuff to do today. Problem is, I'm a darn procrastinator. Anyways, I'm just quickly writing to express my mourning over my loss of TiVo the past couple of months. TiVo is usually the only way I get TV time in the first place. Since it's been gone (crazy, I just got that annoying Kelly Clarkson song in my head - sorry if my comment just gave it to you too), I haven't watched much TV at all.

Since I've moved I haven't really had time to set it back up. (And I'm still paying every month for the service.) Hence, I have now missed Lost for the past several weeks and the Office as well. Goo.

In two weeks, I should finally have a free afternoon. I now have a satellite, so I'll have to re-program the whole thing.

So, no quality TV until then... darn.

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