Friday, November 24, 2006


Today is a day off - completely. I haven't had one of these in a long while. So, I'm watching the Flintstones marathon on Boomerang. Great Show.

On the agenda later, decorating for Christmas - should be fun.

And later, finish watching whatever season in on of 24.

This brings me to an interesting observation. Jack Bauer, the coolest man (next to Chuck Norris, that is) carries a man bag.

Now it's necessary for a couterterrism agent to carry such a contraption for all his gadgets and all, and just look what it has done for the fashion statement.

Jack Bauer has now made it cool to carry said man bag. Any normal guy can now image their firing at an enemy target when they carry this bag. (pictured here).

Now, in Mr. Bauer's defense, a man bag is different from a man purse. A man purse is what I found on ebay when I was looking for a laptop carry case. A man purse has sequence and sparkly stuff. Mr. Bauer's man bag is a solemn color. It is not a man purse, it is a man bag.

So, the man bag has made its statement in the fashion world - and in the hearts of all men who secretly desire to be the man that Jack Bauer is - or Chuck Norris.

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