Tuesday, November 14, 2006


This weekend was sooooo busy. But great. I had the opportunity to lead worship at Central Methodist's 30 Hour Famine - an I opportunity I did not accept. I had already committed this weekend for camping. So I asked God, "why?"

I knew he had a purpose for me going camping, as opposed to worship pastoring this weekend. I asked him to reveal it to me. He did.

Jose (my tent-mate) and I went sleep early, about 7:00pm while the rest of the guys chased the girls (literally and figuratively). I woke up from about 11:00pm-2:00pm. I stepped out of the tent, went down to the lake/stream thing and spent some time with God. I then went back to my tent - it was cold- and prayed some more - mainly for clairty of God's will.

I have the habit of asking "Now, are you sure, God? Are you really, really sure?" He repeatedly told me Yes. So, I will go what God has spoken to me heart. I will be like Jesus and seek after Him first through it all.

It was kind of like Moses coming down off the mountain. God wanted to speak to me this weekend, and getting me away was the only way to shut me up long enough to get through. And it was great. Because, when we commune with God, we never walk away the same.

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