Thursday, June 22, 2006


I wrote this song tonight. I've tried to upload a rough recording to MySpace or Tagworld, but I have been unsuccessful. Here are the lyrics:

It’s only You I follow
It’s only You I need
If I tell myself that enough
Would I finally believe it?

It’s only You I long for
It’s only You I crave
Cause You’re my only master
My God, my everything

It’s only You

Life me up out of this place
Let me see You’re smiling face
My cup is empty
And my well’s run dry
Though I’ve followed You in everything
Seen Your footprints right beside of me
Won’t You pick me up and mend me now
There’s only You

It’s only You I cling to
It’s only You I need
Though my world may fall around me
Still You’re my only thing

There’s only You
It’s only You


tony said...

what quote are you talking about from king of the hill?
p.s. tell marc to check his was the only thing i could ask him something

cruz-control said...

Your post script makes no sense. But to answer your question: the chair of the youth committee got the cool points for dunking me at the pool party. Basically cool points have no merit and a facade made up by Marc to torture me.

cruz-control said...

Also, to everyone who reads this, I'm not feeling well at all tonight - I've got the whole sinus thing going on. So, I have no plans but to sleep and mess around online.

Since my Mac (YAY!!) is by my bed, I'll be stalking my blog all night. So, feel free to comment about whatever.

Tunz4jesus said...

Love the lyrics, going to check to see if you had success in uploading. Blessings,

cruz-control said...

Still no luck with the uploads. I'll keep trying - internet at the office is better than mine, so I'll try again. Sorry