Friday, June 09, 2006


I don't often talk much about myself. But I've noticed that I've wanted to hear more about who the people are that I offen correspond with via the blogs. So, I'm practicing what I'm preaching. Here's some stuff about me and who I am. (If this bores you, CLICK HERE).

First off, I am the person you see. My online life is not any different from my regular life, except for the fact that I live in the real world and not on a blog, so you don't see all of who I am. But I am not a different person online than I am in real life. I am still the same mildly-humorous (at least I try to be) nerd who aspires to be a soft rock star. =-)

But seriously, I am the same person you would talk to in real life. I don't pretend like I'm someone else online. I like talking about God, music (anything but rap), and the Loch Ness Monster. I am not dating anyone as of now, I haven't in quite some time actually (hence, all the time I have to blog). I write music - mostly songs, but the Music Composition school here at Baylor requires symphonies and the like - so I write those as well. I actually was able to write one love song, with a friend. I took us hours trying to chisel out a lyric that's romantic (for 2 guys this is a tough chore). But I haven't got to sing it to anyone yet, a girl that is, because they usually run off before I can start. (jk)

But that's OK, I'm comfortable where I'm at in life right now. God's plans are best, I really shouldn't interfere.

My favorite places to eat include: Chick-fila and Backyard Burgers. I work at a church, but I seriously have the best job in the world. I'm a youth pastor. So, my job includes a lot of chillin' with high school students.

I really like old movies, like Black & White stuff. Tonight was a double feature on my TiVo, I saw 12 Angry Men and Strangers on a Train (an excellent Hitchcock picture). Reeses and Dr. Pepper rock my face off. I don't care much for video games. Favorite NFL team is the Tennessee Titans. And of course, with respect to college ball - Baylor Bears have my loyalty.

And as far as personality, let's just say that I'm a musician. That usually has a bad connoation, but I don't mean it to. I'm just introspective and 'artsy.' Large numbers in any form scare me. I guess I can just say I think alot, about life, people, meaning, and God.

This is who I am. I am really the person who writes this blog - I don't assume some kind of fake persona. This actually bothers me when people do that actually - I mean, what's the point? I've noticed a lot of MySpaces that have quite some disturbing things on them from people I know well in real life. Why I ask them about it, they just say, "It just online, everyone knows that's not who I am." Really??? Could've fooled me. So, I just want to reassure you that I am honest on this blog (and hopefully let you know a little more about myself)... and I hope you are honest too.

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