Saturday, June 03, 2006

Lock-Ins, Ice Cream Trucks, & Ninjas

This weekend we had our summer kick-off lock-in for our youth group. T'was uber-fun. Except for the fact that I got zero sleep last night. But we played sardines and Underground Church - two excellent games. And at the church, it's actually kinda spooky at night with all the lights out. There are a lot of rooms, crevices and closets to hide in - Yay!

So I got home about 9 am this morning. I showered, put on Phantom of the Opera on my computer and fell asleep... only to be awoken by an Ice Cream Truck playing Christmas Carols on its loudspeaker. Yes... Christmas Carols in June!!! It is now that I firmly believe that ICE CREAM TRUCKS ARE FROM HELL!!!! They drove by all afternoon tearing my body away from the sleep it craved. I left the lock-in quite inebriated from my lack of sleep. I finally slept until 6:45 this evening. Now I'm wide awake and it's all night time and stuff.

But to give you some enjoyment, SHLOG.COM pointed me in the direction of and the comic hilarity found there. I'm becoming surprisingly addicted. Here's two of my favorites, quite funny... enjoy:


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